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        What materials are your floats made of?

        Our floats are made out of high quality durable PVC materials.

        What does your AirFlate tool let me do?

        The AirFlate tool is designed to make the float inflation and deflation process easier. Once inserted into the inflation spout of your float, a simple twist will keep the spout open allowing you to blow air into the tool easily, or keep the spout open letting the air flow out.

        How are your floats different from others?

        Funsicle inflatables offer unique eye-catching designs as well as are designed around ease of use and durability. With tools like the AirFlate tools and double stitched seams, our floats can be quickly assembled for some fun in the sun. Also, you can recycle Funsicle floats. Check out our Sustainability page.

        What is the fastest way I can inflate / deflate my float?

        Using the AirFlate tool is the fastest way to inflate or deflate your float hands down. The AirFlat tool is included in your Funsicle inflatable package box.

        Can I recycle my float?

        Absolutely! Funsicle has partnered with recycling leader TerraCycle so that you can easily recycle your Funsicle inflatables. Refer to our Sustainability page for how-to instructions.

        My float has a defect. Can you replace it?

        If you purchased anything that is damaged or defective it’s best to return it to where you purchased it. For assistance, reach out to our customer service team at 1-888-670-4FUN (1-888-670-4386) or email us at <

        Can I leave my floats out on a hot day?

        No. Our inflatable floats are designed for playing or swimming, but are not life-saving devices.

        Can I use your ring floats as a lifesaver?

        No. Our inflatable floats are designed for playing or swimming, but are not life-saving devices.

        How do I know if my float has enough air?

        The float should be inflated until it is firm, but not hard. Keep in mind that leaving a float out in changing temperatures can cause the air pressure to change, so always try to deflate or store them somewhere safe when they aren’t in use.